Bay Breeze Beach House, Carrabelle, Florida

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Welcome to your home on the bay.
Here are some tips for an enjoyable stay.


Getting In:
The lockbox is on the laundry room door with two house keys and a key for the laundry room. A code is provided with your reservation confirmation.

Lock Box

The Wifi name is: Beach House
The password is provided with your reservation confirmation

If you’re not able to connect, the modem probably needs to be reset. This seems to happen fairly often. To reset the modem, disconnect both the power cord and the Internet cable from the back of the modem. Let it set for two minutes, then reconnect the Internet cable and power cord.


The local radio station is 100.5 Oyster Radio. In addition to a good mix of music that varies with the time of day, they’re a great source for information on local events and even a bit of history now and then. The radio above the TV is usually on and tuned to Oyster Radio. Just turn the volume up when you want to listen, and down when you’re done. 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm it's the Beach Bash, then Oyster Radio After Dark featuring classic rock and blues. "Just add rum and you have a party!"
(This guy never sleeps...) Listen to Oyster Radio online at


Ceiling Fans:
Each ceiling fan has a short chain and a long chain. On each fan, the long chain that has an ornament hanging from it is the lights. The short cord is the speed of the fan.

Sleeping Comfort:
The king size bed in the master bedroom is very comfortable and the chest of drawers and drawers in the night stands are very spacious. All are new this year in January 2018. There's a TV, and you'll find a white noise maker on the chest of drawers. It’s nice if you’re partner is a noisy sleeper…

The guest room has twin beds, a chest of drawers, night stands on each side and between the beds, a TV and chairs.

White Noise Maker

Circuit Breakers:
Should the need arise to check a circuit breaker, they’re located in the east bathroom behind the palm tree picture.

Circuit Breaker Box

Downstairs you’ll find a one person kayak, a two person kayak, and a garden box with beach chairs, floats, crab nets and other toys. Life Jackets and a paddles are in the laundry room. Please rinse of the salt and sand after use.

On the downstairs deck you’ll find a beach umbrella, and chairs and tables for the beach deck. There's also a fire pit and a stack of split wood next to the garden box.


Beach Deck Water & Outside Shower:
There’s water at the beach deck. It comes straight from the well and is not filtered. Should you need to get to the main cut off valve, it’s next to the well.

The outside shower and foot rinsing station are at the bottom of the main stairs. These also come directly from the well, on a separate line. The main shut off for the foot rinse and outside shower are by the hose on the lower deck. On the rare night it goes below freezing, please shut the cut off valves.

Outside Water and Shower

There’s a charcoal grill downstairs. If you happen to be here during the butterfly migration, this is a particularly good spot to enjoy the view. Monarch migration begins around mid-September.

Laundry Room:
On your key ring is a key to the laundry room downstairs. Washer, dryer, folding table and storage. This is also where you’ll find the life jackets and more toys.

Thursday is trash day. The trash can is bear resistant, still it’s better to put the trash out in the morning rather than the night before. There’s a hundred miles of the Apalachicola National Forest across the street, and yes, there are bears in them thar woods…

Laundry Room

Outside Lighting:
The yard lights are on a switch located on a pole downstairs. The lights on the street side are on a sensor. They come on automatically at night. This is particularly helpful when coming home on a moonless night. There are no street lights and it gets really dark here. Perfect for star gazing. And yes, you can see the Milky Way.

Outside Lights

  Dolphin In The Front Yard…
Bears In The Back Yard…


Floor Plan
Floor Plan
 Site Map
Site Map


Cameras – There are three outside motion-activated cameras that cover the views identified in blue in the site plan above.


After Your Stay:

Garbage – Please take the trash out in the bear resistant can to the roadside by the mail box.

Laundry – Leave all sheets and towels used in the laundry room.

Thermostat – Set the temperature to 80’ when you leave.

Dishes – Please put used dishes in the dishwasher before leaving.

Doors & Windows – Please double check that all doors & windows are locked when you leave.

Keys – Place lock box keys back in the lock box, scramble the numbers, and be sure it is secure before you leave.

We appreciate you enjoying our home as you would enjoy your own. If there’s something that could make your Bay Breeze experience even better, please feel free to contact Sandy Beach Properties by email at or call her at 850-697-5300.

Lastly, please post a review on!

Thank you!
Kevin & Val

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